Alison DiLaurentis


Name||Courtney Dilaurentis Alilas||Alison Dilaurentis

Birth DayJune
Age17 or 18
ActorSasha Pieterse
First AppearancePretty Little Liars/Pilot
Missing For........
This about "Alison", not "Courtney" her twin. (Page on fake Ali) Alison is the vinidictive queen bee of Rosewood School. She is a beautiful girl whom everyone loves, including her clique made up of Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields. On her end-of-school 7th grade slumber party, she went missing. Three years later, they find the beautiful girl's supposed body.

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Alison is often looked at as the leader of the group since she created it. Alison is outgoing and isn't afraid to stand up for her friends. Although She is selfish and materialistic, she cares a lot for her friends and would do anything for them. Ali starts out being sort of like the"mean girl" of the series, but then later gains trust and is a loyal friend.

Appearance Alison is described as a beautiful girl with long blond hair, tiffany-blue eyes, a cute nose, bow-shaped lips, a heart-shaped face, rosy pink cheeks, and as being very slim. A majority of the Rosewood boys have had or continue to have a crush on her, whereas a lot of girls harbor feelings of jealousy towards Alison due in part to her good looks and popularity. She is described as having very forward fashion sense and is good at plotting and manipulating people for which some intelligence is necessary. :)) Edit

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Book Series Pretty Little Liars The preface begins with a flashback of the summer after the 5 girl's 7th grade and begining of 8th grade year, where they are having a sleepover in Spencer's barn. Ali and Spencer get into a fight and Ali disappears. She is never heard from again so there is a police investigation, but she is not found. Three years later, Emily seems to have a boyfriend even though she kissed Alison a long time ago. They soon get strange text messages that talk about secrets they thought only ALison knew. By the end of the book, A's identity is still unknown. Alison is A... On the day "Alison" died, it was actually her twin CourtneyBold text. They had switched places that night, and Ali decided to kill Courtney. Flawless Somewhere along in the book, The Jenna Thing is explained. The Jenna Thing was supposed to be a prank on Toby, Jenna's step-brother, when Alison caught him spying on the girls at a sleepover. Intent on getting him back, Alison lit a firework and shot it up into Toby's tree house. Little did she know, Jenna was also up there. The firework explodes causing Jenna to become terminally blind. The girls all vow to keep it a secret forever. As Emily gets closer to Toby, she and the other girls, believe that he is "A" and also Ali's killer. One night Emily confronts him about Alison and Toby says that she was cruel and vindictive to which Emily believes is a sign that he killed her. Emily runs away from Toby but he follows her. Emily gets Toby to leave by saying "I know what you did to her, and I'll call the police". The following morning Toby's body is found in the woods behind Emily's house. Toby had killed himself and left a letter to Emily. He explains that it was a long time ago and he couldn't live with the guilt and he guessed Ali never kept her promise. Emily and the other girls are confused, until Spencer explains that Toby used to sexually molest Jenna and Ali saw them the night of the accident. Toby had also seen Ali light the firework. But they agreed that Toby wouldn't say anything about Ali if she didn't say anything about him. With Toby dead and obviously not the killer or A, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna are left confused and scared. Perfect Spencer has flashbacks to the night of Ali's death. Aria tries to keep her father Bryon's affair a secret from her mother and brother while Hanna deals with her social downturn by resuming her bulimia. Spencer remembers pushing Ali into a stone wall after a heated argument, and fears that she is the one who killed her. After Aria ignores "A's" threats, "A" reveals her father's affair to her mother, who kicks Aria out of the house. "A" also reveals Emily and Maya's romance publicly, and Emily's parents force her into a program to "cure" her apparent lesbian feelings. Aria is also cheating on her boyfriend with her AP English teacher Ezra; "A" sends a picture of them making out to Aria's boyfriend, who calls the police. Hanna is humiliated at Mona's 17th birthday party,and is rescued by Lucas. She later receives a text from "A." This time, the number is not a jumbled mess, and Hanna recognizes it; she discovers who "A" is. She calls Spencer, Emily, and Aria to tell them to meet her the Rosewood school playground, their special spot. Before she can tell them what she knows, Hanna is hit by a car. Unbelievable Hanna doesn't die in the car crash but has no memory of who "A" is. Spencer and Mona plan a party for Hanna's return to Rosewood Day, and Mona reveals that she has received messages from "A" as well. Spencer begins to suspect that her sister, Melissa, is Ali's killer. The girls are set to turn in Melissa to the police for Ali's death; at Mona's insistence, Emily and Hanna wait at the party while Spencer and Mona drive to the police station. Something Emily says triggers Hanna's memory of her accident, and she suddenly remembers who "A" is: Mona. Hanna imediately texts Spencer telling her to get out of there. But before she can, Mona realizes Spencer knows her true identity. At the same time, Ian, Melissa's former boyfriend, is "proven" to be Ali's killer. His motive was that Ali would threaten to tell Melissa of their secret relationship and he was there the night of her disapearance. Wicked A new "A" begins making threats. Ian denies Ali's murder. At the end of the book the four girls find Ian dead in the woods behind the Hastings' house. Immediately, they get a text from "A" saying "he had to go." Killer The girls discover that the person they think is Alison's murderer has actually been framed and start to wonder if the new "A" really wants to threaten them or possibly help them figure out the mystery. Ian, who the girls find to be alive, reveals some secrets about Ali's disappearance. When the woods behind Spencer's house catches fire Aria barely escapes along with a girl whom the others recognize as Ali. Heartless After the fire, no one believes the girls when they insist that they saw Ali since she mysteriously disappeared. "A" sends Emily to Lancaster, where she discovers that an Amish girl named Leah disappeared around the time of Ali's death. Emily also discovers that Officer Darren Wilden had been Amish and left the community, and she soon comes to believe that he killed Leah. Thinking that Ali's ghost is trying to tell her something, Aria goes to a séance; she learns nothing, but meets Noel Kahn. Aria sees another medium, who produces a message in Ali's handwriting that says "Ali killed Ali". Hanna's father sends her to a clinic, The Preserve at Addison-Stevens, to prevent her eating disorder from reappearing due to stress from the Ali situation, and to cure her post traumatic stress disorder. Hanna befriends another patient named Iris,who has an unknown past that may have connection with Ali and later abandons her after another patient reveals Hanna's scandalous past to everyone at the clinic. Hanna dreams about Ali, who leads her to suspect that Iris had something to do with Ali's death. "A" sends Spencer messages which make her suspicious of her mother; Spencer learns that at one point her father had been having an affair with Ali's mother. Spencer realizes the possibility that Ali and Jason are her half-siblings, and is led to believe that her mother may have killed Ali because of it. Spencer confronts her parents, but her mother is shocked to hear about the affair for the first time. Then Aria is thinking that they will all get arrested for the murder for Ali. Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna are all arrested for Ali's murder; together in a jail cell, they realize that "A" has tricked each of them into believing someone else killed Ali, and turning them all against each other. Jenna Cavanaugh is murdered, and the girls are released when it is discovered that a workman named Billy Ford had been working at both Ali and Jenna's houses when they died. The girls suspect that Billy is the new "A" when they discover that he had been posing as Ian, but later they are taunted by an "A" who may or may not be Billy. Wanted In the Conclusion to the series, Mrs. DiLaurentis reveals that Ali has a twin named Courtney who did not live with the family due to health problems. Courtney was hospitalized at the Radley. The weekend the PLL show up in the backyard, Courtney had been home so she would be switched to the Preserve. However, she and Ali had been fighting because Courtney stole Ali's ring, the one monogrammed with the letter A (the ring that was previously used to identify Ali's body) and when she was given the opportunity, she snuck into the backyard to talk to Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria (the night that the four of them had tried to steal Ali's flag piece) and pretended to be Ali. In the mean time, Alison was inside trying to persuade her parents that she was Ali, but since that was always Courtney's act -pretending to be Ali- they didn't believe her and swiped Ali off to The Preserve Addison-Stevens (the mental hospital where Hanna stayed later in the books) instead. In present time, Courtney slowly attempts to befriend Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily, and they all bond with her except for Aria, who is suspicious, after finding Polaroids from the night of the sleepover, including one of the person taking the pictures (reflected in a window). The person is definitely not Billy Ford, but a woman. Though the picture is blurry, Spencer is scared that it might be her sister Melissa. Ali eventually tells them all that she is not in fact, Courtney, but Ali. She explains that on the night of the seventh grade sleepover, she ran into the house, and Courtney came outside; consequently, Billy Ford, the suspected murderer of Ali, killed the wrong sister. She continues to say that while she tried to convince her parents that she was Ali afterward, they still believed that she was Courtney and shipped her off to a mental hospital. Eventually, they all believe her, and after going to a big Rosewood Day dance, they go off to Ali's vacation home in the Poconos. The finale takes place there, when Ali admits that she wants to erase the last 7th grade sleepover forever, by reenacting it. Ali hypnotizes them, as before, but instead of stopping her, this time Spencer is catapulted back into the memory of that night in 7th grade. She pays close attention, and notices that Ali is wearing her monogrammed ring, except it displays the initial "C", instead of "A", revealing that it is Courtney hypnotizing them, not Ali. Ali, meanwhile, is outside the barn, taking the Polaroids, and wearing the "A" ring. The Polaroid Aria found was of Ali, not Melissa, but as Melissa and Ali have the same father, they look enough alike to be mistaken for each other. In Spencer's memory, Ali slams the door, at the same time as she does it in real life. She is jolted awake, and realizes, along with the others after she wakes them up, that Ali is gone, and they are locked in. The girls find a letter under the door, addressed to "Four Bitches" and from "A." Slowly, the letter reveals the entire truth. The night Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna tried to steal Ali's flag, Courtney really did intervene and pretend to be Ali, while the real Ali was shipped away. Courtney obtained Ali's entire life and personality, while Ali's attempts to let her parents know what was really happening went unheard. They realize that they never even really knew Ali. The tight-knit bond they had cultivated was actually with Courtney. On the night of the 7th grade sleepover, the real Ali was, indeed, home for a trial basis to see if she had become better, and she was able to see exactly what Courtney had done with her life. Infuriated at Courtney's foolish fling with Ian Thomas, clumsy blinding of Jenna Cavanaugh and dumping of Riley and Naomi, along with the fact she had been placed in the Preserve for years because of Courtney, Ali makes a snap decision to get revenge. After Courtney and Spencer argued about the blinds, and Courtney left the barn, Ali pushed her into the half dug hole, killing her (hence the medium Aria saw saying "Ali killed Ali"). The body they found was Courtney's, but dismissed as Alison's as they had the same DNA and dental records, due to being twins. After Mona died, Ali took over and became A. Her mission: to get revenge on the Pretty Little Liars because she resented the fact that Courtney dumped Ali's popular friends to befriend complete losers, and because the girls visiting to steal Ali's flag gave Courtney her chance to take over Ali's life in the first place. Back to present, Ali sets fire to the house with the intent of killing the PLL, who are locked inside. They manage to escape through the hidden staircase that Aria remembers from a previous stay in the Poconos with Ali, but after a feverish though quick interrogation by Emily, Ali remains trapped in the house. After the fire, firefighters fail to recover Ali's body. But at the end there are a few unsettling hints saying that Ali is still alive.

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