Aria Montgomery
Aria Montgomery
is a member of the clique, formed by missing girl [deceased] Alison DiLaurentis, Emily Fields, Spencer Hasting, and Hanna Marin. A former outsider, she didn't have friends until Ali "hand picked" her to be in the group.

She and Ali witnessed Aria's father, Byron, kissing a student of his called Meredith in the parking lot at Hollis, where her father taught. Since then, it had been Aria's biggest secret, one which "A" taunted her with and later revealed. Then, it was later revealed that she was secretly involved in the murder of Alison and she is uber a.


Aria is the most artistic one in the group she also is the most free spirited she wears bold cloths and usually goes for older guys as she is going for her teacher


(In the TV series Aria is portrayed by Lucy Hale) In the book series, Aria has long black hair; formerly with pink strips in it (when she was friends with Alison DiLaurentis). She is also described as being lean and has pouty lips.

In the television series, her hair is more of a dark brown color and curly but her quirky fashion sense can still be seen. She has bright, sloped green eyes, round mouth and pale skin.  



  • Byron Montgomery (father)
  • Ella Montgomery (mother)
  • Mike Montgomery (brother)


Romances Edit

  • Ezra Fitz (in love with)
  • Jake
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Liam Greene
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