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Emily Fields is a member of the clique formed by missing girl Alison DiLaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, and Hanna Marin. Emily is a swim team star at her school and struggles with her sexuality throughout the series. She comes from an ultra-conservative family, and was quietly in love with Ali when they were younger.


Emily is very sweet and is forced to be obedient to her parents. She is the most loyal out of all the friends, but at times is too nice when she shouldn't be. Emily has been a swimmer ever since she was really young and has high expectations from her parents. Emily's style switches back and forth between jock and hippie showing her different personalities. Overall Emily is the nice, loyal, and loving one of the group.


Emily's hair is red/strawberry blonde and is constantly described as "chlorine damaged" from all her years of swimming; something that Alison DiLaurentis actually makes fun of her for before they become friends. She is pale skinned and has freckles.

Her appearance in the TV series is pretty much the polar opposite, with tan skin and lush, dark hair.



  • Mr. Fields (father)
  • Mrs. Fields (mother)
  • Carolyn (sister)
  • Jake (brother)
  • Beth (sister)


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