Hanna Marin


NameHanna Marin
NicknamesHan, Hanna-kins or Hefty Hanna (When A mocks her)
Birth DayUnknown
ActorAshley Benson
First AppearancePretty Little Liars/Pilot
Warning: You will find spoilers on this page. Read at your own risk.
Hanna Marin is a nerd-gone-popular, and took the place of Alison DiLaurentis as queen bee of Rosewood after she died, along with Mona Vanderwaal, a girl the clique (made up of Aria Montgomery, Alison DiLaurentis, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, and Hanna herself) used to make fun of before Alison died.

Personality Edit

Hanna is the badass of the group and always knows where to find the parties. She also enjoys a rush of adrenalin (e.g. when she steals Seans car or a pair of sunglasses). Hanna is one of the most kind hearted, and fiercely loyal people in the whole series.  She is somewhat clueless and naive, but witty and will do absolutely whatever it takes to protect those she loves.  She craves attention, but is also fiercely independent with a rebellious streak.  

Appearance Edit

In the books, Hanna has long, straight auburn hair, hazel-green eyes, and is described as pretty and tall, although she often says she has "poop-colored" hair, when she really probably doesn't. She also used to be the chubby girl of the school because she ate too much food, often triggered by an upsetting event in her life.
In the TV series, though, she looks much different; she has long blond hair that curls around the ends and blue-green eyes. She isn't too tall, but not the shortest character, either, and as a result of her hair being blond it will most likely not be referred to as "poop-colored" anymore. Also, in the flashbacks she is not as chubby as the books make her sound.

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