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Maya St. Germain moved into Alison's old house. She and Emily bond, and the two soon begin to develop romantic feelings for each other. They kiss at a party, but Emily starts to push Maya away, not yet ready to embrace her homosexuality. Eventually, Emily comes out, and they become a couple, but their relationship is interrupted when Maya is caught with drugs and sent off to a rehab-type program. Sometime after Maya's rehab stint, Emaya picks up again, going further than it had before. However, Emily and Maya start to fight. Then Maya goes missing, having seemingly run away. In the Season 2 finale "UnmAsked," a body thought to be Maya's is recovered in the Field's front yard.

Maya did get murdered by Emily. Let me make this more easy to tell. Maya did run away, she became missing. She called Emily but it alwase went to voicemail or it went to a dead cell service for Emily. On the last episode of Season 2, Emily saw flashing lights, cop cars, and lots of people. WATCH IT!

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