Spencer hastings

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings is the ultra-competitive perfectionist of the clique created by Alison DiLaurentis, including Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields.


Spencer comes from a well-to-do family and lives next door to the DiLaurentis's. She is constantly competing with her older sister, Melissa, and always feels overlooked by her parents in favor of her sister. She is extremely smart and is always the top of all her classes, unless Andrew Campbell beats her at something (they are always changing 1st and 2nd place). She is very focused but does not seem spoiled as a result of her privileged upbringing.  Spencer is extremely competitive, and also extremely smart.  She has a good moral compass and a generally good natured outgoing personality, especially with her generally logical reasoning for everything she does.uufdiifdideiie 


In the books, she has bow shaped lips, bright blue eyes, and long, dirty blonde hair with an atheletic figure.  In the TV series, she has peachy skin, tall, thin build, small lips, big, dark eyes, and nose, with long, dark brown hair. 



  • Peter Hastings (biological-father)
  • Veronica Hastings (adoptive mother)
  • Mary Drake (biological-mother)
  • Jessica DiLaurentis (aunt)
  • Alex Drake (twin sister)
  • Melissa Hastings (half-sister)
  • Jason DiLaurentis (half-brother)
  • Cece Drake (half-sister)
  • Alison DiLaurentis (cousin)


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